A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Game Description:
You will play as Eryn, one of the four horsemen, who has to fight against her sisters, the other horsemen, with the only help of her scythe.
On every level you will fight one of Eryn's sisters and their minions, after defeating the boss you will be able to reach the next level.

Change Log

1.1 Update:
-Synchronized platforms to make to movement smoother.

1.2 Update:
-Fixed a bug that allowed you to walk through walls.
-Minor modification to the mages. Reduced attack speed, making dodging easier.
-Blocked the access to the right section of the map (there is nothing implemented yet).
-Added a damage animation for the player and mobs. Players can now visualize when they recieve and deal damage.
-Minor other fixes.

1.3 Update:
-Added a command list in the pause menu. Now players can check te controls at the pause menu.
-Ported the game to Linux and Mac (both universal).

Use Esc to pause the game
Use A and D to move.
Use Space to jump.
Use J to attack.
Jump while you are hanging on a wall to make a wall jump.
Jump towards the wall to climb. Jump away from the wall to make a longer jump.

Jesús Da Silva Carrasco (interface and coding)
Stefan Hautz (sound, coding and animation)

*On this prototype you will only be able to play the first level

Install instructions


1- Download the compressed file for your system (Windows, Linux or Mac).
2- Extract the content wherever you want.
3- Run the application.
4- Enjoy!


AgainstDeathWin1.3.rar 9 MB
AgainstDeathLinux1.3.rar 19 MB
AgainstDeathMac1.3.rar 20 MB

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